The timeframe for your response is 3 months from the receipt of my letter

I expect to receive your letter on or before March 12th 2019

When and how my letter was posted to you

I anticipate that before the middle of December 2018, my letter will be available for you to read. Therefore, I expect to have received a letter from you by March 12th 2019 (extended from March 5th 2019 because the USA letters are still in transit).

The contents of your letter to me will one of the following:-

  1. Scriptures which change the arithmetic in the Seven Key Scriptures and their supporting scriptures as shown in the Helpful Charts.
  2. or

  3. An admission, confirmed to me in writing on your letterheaded paper, that current doctrine is incorrect. This letter has to be signed by one or more members of the Governing Body on behalf of ALL members of the Governing Body. The letter will contain a clear explanation of what corrections you will be making, how they will be made and the time frame. I expect such corrections to be made as a matter of the utmost urgency, therefore such time frame would be minimal.

Your silence or lack of response or attempts to delegate research into the matter to those who cannot alter doctrine will be interpreted by me as the admission on your part that you are wrong. Also, that you are not going to correct the doctrine to bring it in line with the truth.

I will also take it that the brother was very mistaken, when he said from the platform (words to the effect) that although you may be wrong, you were possibly in the process or correcting your arithmetic.